Shoe Technology Built For Pain Relief

Even though we now have transportation such as cars, buses, bikes, the metro/ subway, etc, we still do plenty of walking in our day to day lives. For example, walking from the parking lot of the office to or cabins, or from the main gate of our college campus to our classrooms. If not this, then runners definitely do so much more running and walking around as compared to the rest of us.

With all this movement in our bodies, and as our feet carry our entire body weight, they tend to get tired and start to cause pain. The more pain our body is excreting, the less productive we all will be. So in order to help reduce the pain or make it all go away, an invention with the implementation of technology has been taking care of sore feet and making them back to normal again.

Therafit is a company that manufactures shoes for women by personalizing them according to their comfort and liking. This shoe consists of three supporting sensors which are located at the exterior of the shoe.

The sensors, also called adapters can be put in according to the comfort of the user. They are cylindrical dumbbell-shaped but with a softer material. These three cylinders are the main instruments of this shoe which help in the proper alignment of the body. This technology provides cushioning and support which helps to reduce any sort of body aches and pain which are caused due to daily activities. 

Moving, standing and sitting in the correct posture is really important, especially when it comes to a woman. These shoes can be worn while playing a sport, running or even walking from here to there during work hours. It is close to impossible for some women to dedicate their time just for working out or for some physical exercises. This is why these shoes help with keeping the body healthy even without the woman actually going to the gym and working out. 

This shoe consists of a shock-absorbing wedge that has personal adapters (the cylindrical thing). There are breathable uppers that provide comfort and support to the feet as well as the body balance. The shock-absorbing EVA is a removable insole that has been made to contour the arch heel support. Underneath the heel, a layer of polyurethane gel has been inserted in order to keep the feet pad comfortable. Along with that, a uniquely formulated compression of the molded EVA midsole is kept so that there is a good grip and the user does not slip. On the exterior of the shoe, the sole is made up of flexible rubber which is long-lasting. 

Therafit shoes are not only comfortable and multifunctional, but they are also really stylish. They come in various colors, so that way the shoes can match your outfit every single day. 

Physical workouts are a must to be a part of our everyday lives, but due to our busy work schedules, we are unable to give even a little bit of our time to stay healthy. If this continues, then it will affect our bodies in the long run. Our body needs to be in the proper posture when we are doing literally anything. Be it standing, sitting or walking, our backs need to be straight.

As we get tired, we tend to slouch and our turn into a ‘C’, and as all the bones are connected in our body, one deficiency will lead to another. With the help of the Therafit shoe, these problems can be avoided.

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