Here’s how technology is Revolutionizing Fitness Era & Running Shoes!

Technology has never failed to be successful when it comes to pleasing customers in their respective fields. It has always brought fascinating aspects, especially when it comes to the fitness world. Running shoes have taken a major turn in the implementation of technology.

It has reduced the number of injuries and has taken a huge step to reach their fitness goals. These days, the shoes mainly feature patches and sensors which are made to collect data regarding the running style, speed, and form of the runner. The metrics that have been collected during the work out time will be analyzed from the smartphones which will then be viewed by instructors who can help the runners perform much better.

A couple of years ago, this was so not the scene. The shoe designers and manufacturers only gave more importance to how the shoe looks and its outward appearance.

This affected the runner’s physical as the shoes were not comfortable due to which they met with quite a few injuries. It is really important to pay attention to the type of shoes you are wearing for a particular act, especially when it comes to running, as the main feature that is needed is the speed and grip.

How has technology transformed running shoes?

As the modern day’s technology has transformed running shoes in numerous ways, the expectation level has increased to another level for the future.

Sensors in the sole – this is a technology that includes a lightweight and also sweat-resistant sensors that have been enabled in the soles of the shoes and also read 3-D Technology and Smart Shoe Design [Future Of Running Shoes. The main objective to enable a sensor in the shoes is to keep a track of the runner’s progress which they can view and correct their body posture and speed and push themselves to improve their performance on the track. The data which is recorded can be viewed on an app that gives you all the details regarding the run.

GPS track technology in the shoes – the main purpose of this technology is to provide additional connections with the synced members which capture the tracks of the athlete in real-time. This way, if in case the athlete gets lost on their run and there is no network around to call the peers, the runner can be tracked with the help of the GPS system. This is really helpful when it comes to the safety of the runners and is a really effective technology.

Hepatic feedback technology – this is also known as kinesthetic motion which is the latest technology that has been implemented in running shoes. This technology implies the sense of touch in order to achieve body stimulation like vibration actuators which helps in accurate guidance and gives warning to the runners when they are about to come across any sort of obstacle.

These were the technologies that have been implemented in shoes that help the runners not only improve their skills and performance but also takes charge of the safety of the athletes.

Performance of the runner is the main factor that matters and these technologies help increase the performance of the athletes.

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