Digitally Connected Smart Shoes [Recommended]

In a smart world that we live in now, we have smart homes, smart luggage, smart sports stadiums even. It’s no surprise when we come across smart shoes now. These shoes are integrated with high- tech features which makes everything so much more easier.

These shoes are clearly not meant for a fancy ‘black tie and dress’ party. Smart shoes are wearables that are technologically advanced which record biometric data. It allows the users to view and analyze the data collected through a synced app. Through the app, the user will also find knowledge regarding how to live life in a much better way and even provides suggestions for the same.

Nike Hyper Adapt – with the implementation of this technology, laces can be tied on their own with NIKE E.A.R.L (Electric Adaptable Reaction Lacing) technology which helps in the adjustment of the contours of the foot.
Mijia Smart Shoes – Xiaomi being the manufacturers that are powered by Intel Curie which is the model base on the Quark SE system which consists of sensors that act as a rival to Nike Plus, but is set at a cheaper price.
Connected Sneakers – this series of smart shoes was developed by Under Armour, is designed to achieve ‘zero gravity feel’ with the implementation of the Energy Web Technology. This technology provides the exact same level of energy that the user exerts in every stride.

Not only are the popular shoe brands manufacturing smart shoes, but nowadays even the start-up companies are trying to create innovations like so. Some of them have even succeeded as well.

Given below are some of the startups who have developed smart shoes.

Feet Me – this company was founded in the year 2015 with a funding of $2.3 million for the development. Feet Me Sport is although almost the same as other smart shoes, these shoes hold much higher credibility with regard to health aspects. This company’s main objective is to deal with the physical health of an athlete. Before Feet Me Sport came into the picture, there used to exist a connected insole termed as Feet Me Diagnosis that turned out to be zeroed after the surgical evaluation and the analysis.

This insole is covered with about 25 pressure sensors all over the sole of the shoe. As the entire sole is covered with these sensors, accurate performance will be recorded. The best part about this is that, even though there are 25 sensors on the sole of the shoe, each shoe only weighs 80 grams.

3 L Labs – this company has developed a fitness tracking device that mainly objectifies to detect the health issues much prior. These smart shoes are called Foot Loggers and they make use of the collected biometric data which later sends advice and suggestions regarding how to improve the gait, diagnosis of any health issues or diseases, and it also helps the user to improve their performance.

This smart shoe has been enabled with 8 sensors along with an accelerometer in order to aid the recording of the performer’s exercises.

E Vine – this company started in the year 2017. Their shoes satisfy the needs when it comes to adventures, for the elderly, for the blue-collar workers and the people who just cannot stop drinking. There are sensors that are built-in and they are made to detect any sort of abnormal movements such as fall, trip, or slip. Once the sensors detect this, then the pre-programmed alarm gets triggered. With the help of its GPS system, the runner can be tracked and given help.

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