3-D Technology and Smart Shoe Design [Future Of Running Shoes]

Evolvement in technology has given us the choice to personalize and customize our shopping in so many unbelievable ways from a couple of years now. Be it clothing, cosmetics or even when it comes to food, with the implementation of technology, brands and companies have used their creativity and has made out shopping so much more fun, and adding to this, there has been given a new twist to everything that we consume. If customization has been allowed for so many things, then why not just add shoes to the list?!

Running shoes have always had a lot of value for quite a long time now. And by ‘quite a long time now’ I mean about 100 years. Over this time, running shoes have gone through a lot of modifications and upgrades. There have been so many amazing transformations in the shoe industry.

During the 1920s, the European companies would put spikes to their shoes which used to be made up of traditional leather, in order to increase the speed and the grip of the athlete while running.

In the later 1970s, the waffle iron was used to make a cushioned sole, out of which Nike Waffle was given birth to. After that, there have been many more innovations in the materials and the designs of the shoe which has helped more and more people to have a promising comfortable run with support in the increase of speed and with a lot fewer injuries.

How would it be if a shoe was created just for you? Ever since FitID was introduced in the year 2017, the personal fitting service has been like no other. A 3 D scan of the people is feet taken after which the data is accurately used to make a brand new shoe. With the help of this system, the company can make shoes that fit your feet like a glove. No more shoe bites, no more skin tear or redness. Even if your feet are super wide or long, you will still be able to wear amazing looking shoes from such brands.

Karhu International, a running shoe company in Finland, took this system one step further. They use Fleet Feet FitID data in order to design their shoes. This company was one of the first companies that started to create shoes this way in the year 1920. Finnish runners such as Paavo Nurmi and Emil Zatopek took control of the track and even won the races while wearing Karhu’s shoes.

What can we see next?

The company Karhu will continue to personalize shoes as per their customer’s wish. According to Stancil, this is all the benefit of technology. Obviously, without technology, this world would have never grown or developed. So with the implementation of it, more and more companies are willing to offer their customers a much better touch, feel and comfortness to one of the main accessories that people wear on a daily basis.

If you compare the old models of the running shoes to the present ones, the difference will just hit your eyes. That is the power of technology. In the present day, there even exist such shoes that include chips and sensors which compile data on the basis of your running style and speed. This is a live example to be proven that there is always something or the other that is going to be present at the horizon, especially when these passionate runners want their next run to be the best among all.

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